The Innovative Network Meets Taste, Coffee, Topping and Products for Bars and Pastry: MEET TASTE. The Meet Taste EBN aims at putting together 4 business companies coming from 3 European countries with the purpose of strengthening the commercial cooperation and to test a new idea of collaboration between producers and distributors. The project will be a great testbed to experiment some new products: flavoured coffee in pods coffee toppings mixed base for “cremino”.

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The STRAMONDO company  is a second generation family business company located in Salemi, western Sicily, in the province of Trapani. The core business of the company is the production and distribution of ingredients and semifinished products for gelato and pastry.  A wide range of products that have a common denominator: high quality for every type of customer, in Italy and abroad. The company works mainly with local, fresh and dried fruits (almonds, pistachios and strawberries) grown on  the territory. Stramondo was founded in 1940 from the idea of Pasquale Stramondo, an entrepreneur of the time, who, by using his knowledge as Sicilian pastry chef, made paste products and high quality cream for gelato pastries,  standing out for the processing of the almond, typical ingredient of Catania’s pastry. In 1973 Pasquale Stramondo met Vincenzo Lo Castro and immediately saw in him the charisma of the ideal man with whom he could share an industrial and challenging project.

Nowadays the company has a selection of products to fully meet the demand and needs of the national and international market, such as the range BIA, dedicated to the needs of consumers looking for a healthy diet made by organic requirements, Lactose and gluten free products.